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Ref Sheet for Bowser The Blaziken
"Bowser" The Blaziken
Moveset:Blaze Kick, Fire spin, Sky Uppercut, Fire Blast. Combo move is a mixture of Sky uppercut and Fire spin, otherwise known as The Rising Dragon (the Shinryūken a spinning vertical flaming Shoryuken From Street fighter, its one of Ken Masters Super moves)
Personality: Mostly Silent, but very clever, very attentive, And has a very desperate and impromptu Fighting style.
He will not truly think about how he fights, just get in there and cause as much damage as possible in as little time as possible.
He is different from most other Pokeumans in the way that he doesn't restrict himself to just using his moves in battle, but using a Unrecognizable Fighting style, including throws, odd ways of avoiding, and as many ways of confusing his opponents about his maneuvers as possible. Due to (unrevealed) Events out of his control, he is much more powerful than normal Blazikens, But is not as experienced in fighting as most people/pokeumans.
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King of Hearts Contest entry: the Lair of Monsters
As I(blaziken) sat at my desk, attempting to play tf2 with several missing digits, I had the thought that I should go on an adventure of some kind. Of course Brian(breloom) should come with me. Suddenly, I felt light-headed, and just before I passed out I had enough sense to pause my game.
I woke up feeling like someone had broken a wooden baseball bat in my face. Except my whole head hurt like that. As I sat up I started to notice some of my surroundings. I was in some kind of dark, abandoned building, lying on the floor. I looked to my left and noticed Brian unconscious next to me. "figures." I said. Then I noticed a note in my hand, and an identical one in brian's. It said "destroy the heart."  
Suddenly, some kind of creature came out of the doorway in front of me. After a second I realized it was a mightyena, except it was covered in all sorts of wounds and cuts. It looked like it had been run over by a bus filled with whiny, psychotic kids, throwing flaming anvils out t
:iconthegreatkingbowser:TheGreatKingBowser 0 3
Pokemon meme. With Bowser!
You are suddenly in a white room, a portal closes behind you, a voice begins asking you questions.
1. Hello who are you?
Umm, Who are you? I'm Bowser, A blaziken, but Who Are You?
2. What pokemon are you, do you like being the pokemon you transformed into?
Are you going to answer my question?...Apparently not. Fine then. Apparently you don't remember I just told you what I am. A. Blaziken.
3. Good now that we know each other better do you like your new life? Is it fun, boring, crazy, or all of the above? Please explain.
I can definitely say its fun, but whether its any of those others, I don't know. It can definitely be hard, but still fun, even when its hard.
4. Being a pokeuman mean that you turned into a pokemon and now have to live a hidden life, and you cant see the ones you loved anymore, how does that make you feel?
It makes me feel odd, But I think I feel much better this way. Its certainly more fun.
5. Oh dear im bringing up tears aren't I? Anyways what do you think would happ
:iconthegreatkingbowser:TheGreatKingBowser 1 4
Mature content
Pokeumans Chapter 4: Entering the Cave :iconthegreatkingbowser:TheGreatKingBowser 0 0
Pokeumans Chapter 3: Some Explanation
Chapter 3
For what felt like the third time today, I awoke to find myself in a dark cave, feeling rather sore. I looked around to see general darkness. The cave was empty except for my best friend Brian, who was asleep against my right arm. I looked over myself to review the transformation process. My entire lower body was now feathers, stopping just above my waist.
I looked at Brian and saw that his transformation had extended to just below his crotch. His legs were now about a foot or two long. Now I would probably tower over him. Because it was still the middle of the night, I decided to go back to sleep until morning. I was glad my jacket was still there.
The next morning, not much was different. Brian was still asleep and I figured now was good as a time as any. I gently shook him awake and walked to the other side of the cave and sat down. He looked rather groggy and I gave him a few seconds to wake up. After he had woken up completely I decided I should start explaining.
"So you
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Mature content
Pokeumans Chapter 2: Another Protagonist! :iconthegreatkingbowser:TheGreatKingBowser 0 2
Pokeumans: Chapter 1: Bowser The Blaziken
BEEP BEEP! As i reached over to turn off the alarm clock sitting next to my bed, I thought that it could have waited just a few seconds longer. I was having a rather extraordinary dream. One that rivaled about 2 others. I had been a Blaziken from Pokémon Ruby. I was the Legendary level 84 one I had worked on for 4 years and could face down the entire Elite Four without going down. I was just about to strike with the final blow when my alarm clock went off.
It was especially vivid and I wanted to keep it in my head for as long as I could. Sadly, there were other events needing my attention. Such as the big black cat sitting at the end of my bed, glaring at me as if i had just woken it up. Luckily I knew how to multitask. As I carefully Extricated my feet from underneath his ample bulk, I noticed my feet felt...Odd. Maybe they were still asleep from the lack of circulation i had from his weight.
As I pulled my feet out from underneath the covers I thought back to the wonderful dream
:iconthegreatkingbowser:TheGreatKingBowser 4 8
Pokeumans: Prologue
The current year is 2012. The date is Jan. 15. 2 Secret Organizations are placed in many places all over the world. One organization is thePokeumans. They are various groups of people that have transformed into pokemon and live secret lives away from they're previous lives. They have clones take the place of the people who they used to be. The other group is the Poke-extinctioners. They are the opposite of the Pokeumans and seek to brainwash them all. Their leader is a transformed, Power-hungry Mewtwo.
The story begins in the state of Tennessee, Murfreesboro. It is about a boy named Sean, and his "partly" unwilling adventure to become a member of The Pokeumans.
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I realize there's still plenty of stuff here on DA, so I'll come here sometimes and look at some stuff. Feel free to talk to me, as I don't talk to people often enough.
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